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Examples of 'avouch' in a Sentence


1. She avouched her loyalty to her friends by standing up for them in difficult times.
2. The athlete will avouch their dedication to training and pursuing excellence in their sport.
3. The friend will avouch the accused's good character, testifying to their honesty and integrity.
4. The scientist will avouch the effectiveness of the new drug in treating the disease.
5. The organization will avouch the positive impact of their programs on the community.
6. The advocate will avouch the rights of marginalized groups, fighting for social justice and equality.
7. I avouch the authenticity of this ancient artifact, said the museum curator boldly.
8. Can you avouch for her honesty? John asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically.
9. With a nod, the scientist was ready to avouch his groundbreaking discovery.
10. In court, he'll need to avouch his innocence; evidence alone won't suffice.
11. The artist will avouch the originality of her work during the gallery opening.
12. We avouch his bravery, the soldiers said, honoring their fallen comrade.
13. Parents often avouch their children’s behavior to others, blinded by love.
14. To win the public’s trust, politicians often avouch their dedication.
15. The chef was more than happy to avouch the freshness of his ingredients.
16. She can avouch my presence at the scene, he said, pointing to his alibi.
17. Priests avouch divine experiences, instilling faith in their followers.
18. In the debate, he was expected to avouch his stance on the controversial issue.
19. Teachers avouch students’ progress, assuring parents of their growth.
20. Witnesses may be asked to avouch a suspect's whereabouts during a trial.
21. Authors might avouch the realism in their narratives, claiming authenticity.
22. Journalists should avouch their sources to validate their news reports.
23. I avouch this tale, said the sailor, swearing the sea monster was real.
24. CEOs may avouch their companies' ethical practices to assure consumers.
25. He was eager to avouch the success of the project to the investors.
26. Athletes often avouch their dedication and hard work in press conferences.


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