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Examples of 'avow' in a Sentence

1. She avowed her love for him in front of all their friends and family.
2. She will avow her support for environmental conservation and sustainable practices.
3. The speaker will avow their faith in the power of unity and collaboration.
4. He will avow his loyalty to his country, serving it with honor and integrity.
5. The teacher will avow their commitment to empowering students and fostering a love for learning.
6. The athlete will avow their determination to achieve greatness and reach new heights in their sport.
7. "I avow my love for her," he confessed under the starry sky, his heart open.
8. The philosopher is known to avow his controversial beliefs unabashedly.
9. "To create, not destroy, I avow," said the artist, paintbrush in hand.
10. In the manifesto, rebels avow intentions for a better, just society.
11. Teachers avow commitment to every student's success on the first day.
12. "I must avow my mistake," the CEO admitted, facing the gathered media.
13. With pride, the activist was ready to avow her fight for justice.
14. He decided to avow his decision to leave the company after a decade.
15. The senator chose to avow his political stance amid widespread criticism.
16. She found courage to avow her identity, amidst society's rigid norms.
17. The convict chose to avow his crimes before the jury, seeking mercy.
18. "I avow allegiance to the crown," the knight proclaimed, sword raised.
19. To a room of skeptics, the inventor dared to avow his bold visions.
20. He knew it was time to avow his feelings, leaving uncertainty behind.
21. They'd avow their partnership, embarking on a journey of innovation.
22. Before the expedition, the explorer avow his confidence in a safe return.
23. With determination, she'll avow her goals and achieve each one swiftly.
24. He hesitated but needed to avow his past to move forward, fearlessly.
25. In darkness, the priest would avow faith, becoming a beacon of hope.
26. At the summit, leaders avow unity, pledging cooperation and peace.


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