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Examples of 'avuncular' in a Sentence

1. The avuncular professor was kind and patient with his students.
2. She appreciated her avuncular neighbor's help with the garden.
3. The avuncular doctor had a gentle and reassuring manner.
4. The avuncular grandfather was always there to offer a comforting hug.
5. The avuncular man took the lost child under his wing and helped her find her way home.
6. She was grateful for her avuncular uncle's financial support.
7. The avuncular man was known for his warm and friendly personality.
8. He had an avuncular way of speaking that put people at ease.
9. The avuncular coach was always there to encourage and motivate his players.
10. She felt safe and protected under her avuncular guardian's care.
11. The avuncular man was a mentor and role model to many young people.
12. He had an avuncular approach to childrearing and was always patient and understanding.
13. His avuncular advice always guided me through life's challenges.
14. The coach had an avuncular approach, mentoring his players with care.
15. The teacher's avuncular demeanor made students feel at ease.
16. Her avuncular support was a source of comfort during tough times.
17. The CEO had an avuncular relationship with his employees.
18. The neighbor's avuncular kindness made the neighborhood feel like family.
19. The doctor's avuncular smile put patients at ease in the clinic.
20. The librarian's avuncular assistance helped kids discover the joy of reading.
21. He offered avuncular wisdom to his younger colleagues.
22. The politician's avuncular charm won over many voters.
23. The scoutmaster's avuncular guidance shaped young minds.
24. His avuncular warmth made him the favorite uncle at family gatherings.

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