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Examples of 'await' in a Sentence

1. Exciting opportunities await in the new job.
2. The mountain climbers will await the perfect weather conditions for their ascent.
3. After the harvest, a season of abundance will await the farmers.
4. The athletes will eagerly await the announcement of the competition winners.
5. Beyond the city limits, wide-open spaces and freedom await.
6. Long hours of practice and preparation await the dedicated musician.
7. After completing the manuscript, the author will await the editor's feedback.
8. In the new year, countless possibilities await us all.
9. Beyond the initial training, more advanced lessons await the novice.
10. The explorers will await their moment of discovery with bated breath.
11. Rewards await those who are patient and diligent.
12. You've done your part, now the results await.
13. Endless wonders await the curious in the field of science.
14. Once the construction is finished, the grand opening will await.

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