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Examples of 'awe' in a Sentence

1. The sheer size of the waterfall inspired awe in all who saw it.
2. As I gazed at the night sky, the stars filled me with a sense of awe.
3. The teacher's dedication to her students was truly awe-inspiring.
4. Standing before the grand cathedral, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of awe.
5. The performance of the acrobat left the audience in awe of his agility.
6. The power of nature's storms can inspire both fear and awe.
7. His selflessness in helping others was met with awe and gratitude.
8. The inventor's groundbreaking discovery left the scientific community in awe.
9. The historical monument stood as a testament to human achievement and filled me with awe.
10. The vastness of the universe is a source of perpetual awe for astronomers.
11. The wildlife in its natural habitat is a sight that fills me with awe.
12. The novelist's ability to craft captivating stories is truly awe-inspiring.
13. The dedication of the volunteers left a sense of awe in the hearts of the community.
14. The scale of the project's success left everyone involved in awe.
15. The majestic mountain peaks filled them with awe and wonder.
16. The orchestra's performance left the audience in awe of their musical talent.
17. The intricate details of the ancient architecture were met with awe by the visitors.
18. The powerful waves crashing against the shore inspired a sense of awe and respect for the ocean's might.
19. The sight of a newborn baby filled them with awe at the miracle of life.
20. The artist's masterpiece was met with awe and admiration by art enthusiasts.
21. The bravery and selflessness of the firefighters left everyone in awe.
22. The immense talent displayed by the young pianist left the judges in awe.
23. The ethereal beauty of the sunset cast the whole beach into a state of awe.
24. The sheer size and power of the waterfall were awe-inspiring.
25. The technological advancements in the field of medicine left him in awe of human innovation.

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