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Examples of 'awful' in a Sentence

1. The awful smell coming from the garbage bin made us hold our noses.
2. The traffic during rush hour was awful; we were stuck in gridlock for hours.
3. She felt awful for forgetting her friend's birthday; she had to make it up to them.
4. The awful noise coming from the construction site kept us awake all night.
5. The awful condition of the abandoned building made it unsafe and unsightly.
6. The food at that restaurant was so awful, I couldn't take another bite.
7. I had an awful day at work; everything went wrong.
8. The weather turned awful, ruining our outdoor plans.
9. The traffic on the highway was simply awful this morning.
10. Her illness brought about an awful sense of helplessness.
11. The movie we watched last night was truly awful; we walked out halfway through.
12. The news of the accident was absolutely awful; we hope everyone's okay.
13. The smell in the room was so awful that I had to leave.
14. The condition of the old house was awful; it needs serious repairs.
15. His behavior towards her was truly awful; he should apologize.
16. The exam results were awful, and I'll need to retake it.
17. That car accident was an awful experience; I'm still shaken.
18. The awful noise from the construction site kept me up all night.
19. The news of the natural disaster was awful; so many lives affected.
20. Her cooking skills are awful; I wouldn't eat that again.
21. The customer service at that store was awful; they were so rude.
22. The awful smell from the landfill nearby was unbearable.
23. The awful truth is that we're running out of time to fix this.
24. The awful sight of the wreckage left a lasting impression.
25. The awful mistake cost the company millions in losses.


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