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Examples of 'babble' in a Sentence

1. I love how my little niece's eyes light up as she starts to babble about her day at kindergarten.
2. As the wind passed through the leaves, it seemed to babble a haunting melody in the stillness of the night.
3. I find it soothing to listen to the soft babble of a fountain while reading a book.
4. The crowd began to babble in anticipation as the movie premiere was about to start.
5. She tends to babble when she's nervous, which is a dead giveaway that she's hiding something.
6. When he gets nervous, he tends to babble uncontrollably.
7. The excited children would babble about their day at the theme park.
8. After a few drinks, she would often babble about her dreams.
9. The toddler began to babble happily as she played with her toys.
10. Under the influence of anesthesia, he started to babble incoherently.
11. The politician would babble on without addressing the real issues.
12. The old radio would sometimes babble with static interference.
13. She couldn't help but babble with excitement about her new job.
14. The sleep-deprived student would babble during the late-night study sessions.
15. When nervous, he tends to babble and lose his train of thought.
16. The excited fans would babble about their favorite sports team.
17. The exhausted hiker would often babble from fatigue.
18. The malfunctioning computer would babble random characters on the screen.
19. She would babble on about her travel adventures for hours.
20. The toddler began to babble nonsense as he explored the world.
21. During the conference, the speaker would sometimes babble off-topic.
22. He couldn't stop himself from babbling when he was anxious.
23. The intoxicated man would babble unintelligibly at the bar.
24. The radio would sometimes babble during thunderstorms.
25. She would babble with excitement about her upcoming wedding.

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