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Examples of 'backbreaking' in a Sentence

1. The factory workers endured long shifts of backbreaking labor in the assembly line.
2. The gardeners spent hours each day engaged in backbreaking tasks, tending to the expansive grounds.
3. The fishermen faced backbreaking work as they hauled in heavy nets full of catch.
4. The volunteers tirelessly performed backbreaking tasks during the disaster relief efforts.
5. The loggers engaged in backbreaking work, felling trees and carrying heavy logs out of the forest.
6. The construction workers endured backbreaking labor in the scorching sun.
7. Farming is a backbreaking occupation, especially during planting season.
8. Moving all those heavy boxes was a truly backbreaking task.
9. The miners faced backbreaking work deep underground.
10. The hikers found the steep, rocky trail to be backbreaking.
11. She had a backbreaking workload, juggling two jobs and school.
12. The marathon was a backbreaking race through challenging terrain.
13. The athletes' training regimen was grueling and backbreaking.
14. The soldiers endured a backbreaking march through rough terrain.
15. The gardening project turned out to be a backbreaking endeavor.
16. Cleaning the entire house in one day was a backbreaking chore.
17. The logging industry often involves backbreaking labor.
18. The construction of the skyscraper required backbreaking effort.
19. The farmers toiled day and night in their backbreaking work.
20. The porters carried backbreaking loads up the mountain.
21. The assembly line workers faced a monotonous and backbreaking job.
22. The fishermen's catch required backbreaking hauling.
23. The sanitation workers performed backbreaking tasks to keep the city clean.
24. The firefighters faced a backbreaking battle against the raging blaze.
25. The athletes' training program was designed to be backbreaking to build strength and endurance.


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