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Examples of 'backlash' in a Sentence

1. The CEO's decision to cut jobs resulted in a strong backlash from the workforce.
2. The proposal to increase taxes faced a widespread backlash from the community.
3. The singer faced backlash from fans over their controversial lyrics.
4. The company received a backlash from environmental groups over their new project.
5. The government's decision to cut funding for education faced a strong backlash from educators.
6. The decision to raise prices resulted in a customer backlash.
7. The policy change was met with a fierce backlash from employees.
8. The celebrity's controversial statement triggered a social media backlash.
9. The government's new law led to a public backlash.
10. The company faced a backlash over environmental concerns.
11. The controversial art exhibit sparked a cultural backlash.
12. The athlete's endorsement deal generated a backlash from fans.
13. The backlash against the political candidate grew stronger.
14. The school's decision to cut funding caused a parent backlash.
15. The backlash against the controversial film led to protests.
16. The proposed legislation encountered a significant backlash.
17. The new product launch received a mixed consumer backlash.
18. The fashion brand faced a backlash for insensitive advertising.
19. The celebrity's remarks sparked a backlash from advocacy groups.
20. The corporate merger resulted in a shareholder backlash.
21. The scientist's groundbreaking research faced a backlash from peers.
22. The tech company's data breach caused a public backlash.
23. The artist's provocative work often incited a backlash.
24. The policy aimed at reducing benefits led to a union backlash.
25. The backlash against the city's development plans grew louder.

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