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Examples of 'baffle' in a Sentence

1. The unfamiliar language on the street signs began to baffle tourists.
2. The paradoxical nature of the situation continued to baffle investigators.
3. The unexpected twist in the plot managed to baffle even the most astute readers.
4. The teacher's explanation only seemed to baffle the students further.
5. The professor's explanation only served to further baffle the students.
6. The intricate plot twists of the movie baffle even the most astute viewers.
7. The cryptic message in the riddle continues to baffle detectives.
8. The scientific discovery has the potential to baffle researchers around the world.
9. The unexpected turn of events in the story left readers baffled.
10. The enigmatic artwork is designed to provoke thought and baffle observers.
11. The cryptic crossword puzzle is known to baffle even the most experienced solvers.
12. The complex math problem managed to baffle the entire class.
13. The strange behavior of the animal continues to baffle scientists.
14. The sudden disappearance of the artifact baffles historians.
15. The contradictory statements from the witness baffle the jury.
16. The malfunctioning machine has engineers puzzled and baffled.
17. The extraordinary talent of the young musician never fails to baffle audiences.
18. The bizarre weather patterns in the region baffle meteorologists.
19. The unique architecture of the building baffle architects and designers.
20. The foreign language's grammar rules continue to baffle language learners.
21. The eccentric inventor's inventions often baffle critics and experts.


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