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Examples of 'balderdash' in a Sentence


1. His claim of having magical powers was nothing but balderdash.
2. The conspiracy theory circulating on social media is complete balderdash.
3. The professor was renowned for his ability to expose balderdash in academic papers.
4. The CEO's explanation for the company's poor performance was balderdash, according to analysts.
5. The self-proclaimed expert's advice was pure balderdash and had no basis in reality.
6. His explanation was pure balderdash; it made no sense.
7. The conspiracy theory she shared was utter balderdash.
8. I couldn't believe the balderdash in that tabloid article.
9. The politician's speech was filled with empty balderdash.
10. The book was full of scientific balderdash.
11. Don't listen to his balderdash; it's all fiction.
12. His excuses for being late were just more balderdash.
13. The movie's plot was nothing but balderdash.
14. I can't stand his constant stream of balderdash.
15. Her argument was based on pure balderdash.
16. The conspiracy theories they spread are total balderdash.
17. His claims of supernatural powers were dismissed as balderdash.
18. The pseudoscience in that article is complete balderdash.
19. The tabloid's headlines are often balderdash.
20. The comedian's routine was filled with hilarious balderdash.
21. The fortune teller's predictions were mere balderdash.
22. His story was so far-fetched it sounded like balderdash.
23. We need facts, not more of his balderdash.
24. The excuses he gave for missing the meeting were balderdash.
25. That self-help book is nothing but motivational balderdash.

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