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Examples of 'ballistic' in a Sentence


1. The jet's speed nearly reached ballistic limits during the test.
2. He wore a jacket with ballistic panels for added protection.
3. Modern tanks employ ballistic technology for precision shooting.
4. The research lab focused on ballistic innovations for defense.
5. The pilot practiced maneuvers at nearly ballistic speeds.
6. The ballistic design of the bullet ensures maximum impact.
7. That ballistic missile defense system is state-of-the-art.
8. They watched the ballistic demonstration at the military base.
9. Drones with ballistic capabilities pose a new challenge to security.
10. The engineers discussed the ballistic coefficients of various projectiles.
11. His invention promises to revolutionize ballistic transport systems.
12. The latest spacecraft utilizes ballistic descent for re-entry.
13. The sniper adjusted his aim based on ballistic calculations.
14. The team tested the ballistic resistance of the armored vehicle.
15. They collected data on the ballistic performance of the prototype.
16. The soldier adjusted his scope for better ballistic precision.
17. The car chase reached nearly ballistic speeds on the highway.
18. The ballistic gel test revealed the projectile's penetration depth.
19. Underwater, different ballistic rules apply due to water resistance.


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