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Examples of 'bamboozle' in a Sentence

1. The intricate plot of the mystery novel bamboozles readers until the final twist.
2. The misleading statistics in the report were used to bamboozle investors.
3. The illusionist's performance was designed to bamboozle and amaze the audience.
4. The complex rules of the game can bamboozle new players.
5. The dishonest politician attempted to bamboozle voters with false promises.
6. The clever wordplay in the comedian's routine can bamboozle the audience before delivering the punchline.
7. The intricate dance routine requires precise timing and coordination to bamboozle the spectators.
8. The misleading instructions on the package can bamboozle consumers trying to assemble the product.
9. The skilled pickpocket uses distraction techniques to bamboozle victims and steal their belongings.
10. The complex encryption methods used by hackers can bamboozle cybersecurity experts.
11. The magician's clever misdirection techniques can bamboozle even the most skeptical onlookers.
12. The intricate maze design can bamboozle participants in finding the correct path.
13. The fast-paced card game can bamboozle players who are not paying close attention.
14. The misleading headlines in the tabloid aim to bamboozle readers and sensationalize stories.


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