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Examples of 'bare' in a Sentence

1. The minimalist design of the house featured bare, clean lines and open spaces.
2. The harsh sunlight illuminated the bare desert, creating a stark and desolate landscape.
3. With just a bare glimpse, he recognized the familiar face in the crowd.
4. The artist preferred to work with a bare canvas, using only a few bold brushstrokes.
5. She stepped onto the bare stage, ready to deliver her powerful monologue.
6. The room felt cold and bare without any furniture.
7. Her feet were cold on the bare wooden floor.
8. The mountain's bare summit was visible from a distance.
9. The winter trees stood bare against the gray sky.
10. He walked through the bare wilderness, untouched by humans.
11. She felt exposed in the bare, open field.
12. The cupboard was bare, and they needed to shop for groceries.
13. The garden looked so bare after the flowers wilted.
14. The landscape was beautiful in its bare simplicity.
15. The artist preferred a bare canvas to start a new painting.
16. The walls were painted in a pale, bare color.
17. The shelves were bare of any books or decorations.
18. His hands felt the rough texture of the bare stone.
19. The table was set with just the bare essentials.
20. The winter wind made her face feel cold and bare.
21. The room was bare of any personal touches.
22. The shelves were stripped bare during the sale.
23. She felt vulnerable in the open, bare field.
24. The desert's bare terrain stretched out endlessly.
25. The fridge was nearly bare, except for a few leftovers.

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