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Examples of 'bargain' in a Sentence

1. We negotiated a bargain with the contractor to remodel our kitchen within our budget.
2. The discount store offers everyday low prices and incredible bargains on household items.
3. She managed to secure a bargain on a last-minute vacation package to a tropical paradise.
4. He snagged a real bargain on a high-end laptop during the Black Friday sale.
5. We made a bargain with the vendor and bought a bundle of products at a discounted rate.
6. They struck a great bargain on that vintage car.
7. The sale was a bargain hunter's dream come true.
8. Negotiating a fair bargain is an art.
9. The real estate deal turned out to be a fantastic bargain.
10. We got a bargain on our hotel room rates.
11. The trade agreement was a win-win bargain.
12. The thrift store always has hidden bargains.
13. She found a designer dress at a bargain price.
14. Their partnership was a mutually beneficial bargain.
15. The antique shop had a unique bargain selection.
16. The online sale had incredible bargains on electronics.
17. Haggling is a common practice to secure a bargain.
18. The clearance section is where you find the best bargains.
19. The garage sale had some unexpected bargains.
20. He's a master at finding hidden bargains.
21. The car dealership offered an unbeatable bargain.
22. They sealed the business deal with a handshake, a true bargain.
23. Finding a good lawyer at a reasonable price is a rare bargain.
24. The flea market was a treasure trove of bargains.
25. She always manages to snag the best bargains during sales.

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