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Examples of 'basal' in a Sentence

1. The basal layer of sediment contains fossils dating back millions of years.
2. The basal level of the organization chart includes entry-level employees.
3. Understanding the basal chemistry of a substance is key to manipulating its properties.
4. The basal concepts of language acquisition are studied in linguistics.
5. The basal instinct for survival drives many of our actions.
6. The basal principles of physics explain the behavior of matter and energy.
7. The basal requirements for a healthy diet include essential nutrients.
8. The basal cells in the body's tissues constantly regenerate.
9. The basal notes in music provide a stable foundation for melodies.
10. The basal composition of the Earth's crust varies from one region to another.
11. In biology, the basal species in an evolutionary tree represent ancient ancestors.
12. The basal level of trust in a relationship is built on honesty.
13. The basal layer of a geological formation contains the oldest rocks.
14. The basal layer of the skin provides structural support.
15. A strong basal foundation is essential for any successful project.
16. The basal temperature of the body varies throughout the day.
17. The basal leaves of the plant collect energy from sunlight.
18. Proper nutrition is a basal requirement for good health.
19. The basal level of trust in the team was established early on.
20. The basal principles of mathematics underpin advanced concepts.
21. The company's success rests on its basal values and ethics.
22. The basal layer of the cake provides stability to the tiers above.
23. Understanding basal metabolism is crucial for weight management.
24. The basal knowledge of a language helps in learning advanced vocabulary.


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