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Examples of 'bastardize' in a Sentence

1. Mass production may bastardize the artistry of handmade goods.
2. The tabloids often bastardize the truth to sell more copies.
3. Commercial interests can bastardize the spirit of independent music.
4. A hasty adaptation can easily bastardize a classic novel.
5. Poorly conceived modernizations can bastardize the architectural integrity of historical buildings.
6. Misinformation can bastardize public understanding of important issues.
7. Unscrupulous developers can bastardize the intent of open-source software.
8. Without respecting cultural contexts, translations can easily bastardize original texts.
9. Fast-food chains often bastardize traditional cuisine to appeal to a broader market.
10. Improper teaching methods can bastardize the learning process.
11. Pop culture trends can often bastardize the essence of vintage fashion.
12. Heavy-handed censorship can bastardize an artist's creative vision.
13. Improper use of technology can bastardize the sanctity of personal privacy.
14. Unethical practices can bastardize the noble intentions of charity organizations.


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