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Examples of 'bathetic' in a Sentence


1. The advertisement's bathetic music and voiceover were off-putting.
2. The singer's bathetic lyrics ruined the otherwise catchy song.
3. The play's bathetic dialogue made it hard to connect with the characters.
4. The sculpture's bathetic design lacked originality or depth.
5. The politician's bathetic promises failed to convince voters.
6. The movie's bathetic attempts at tearjerker moments left the audience cringing.
7. Her bathetic apology was met with skepticism, as it seemed rehearsed.
8. The bathetic love letter was filled with clichés and lacked genuine emotion.
9. The author's bathetic attempt at humor fell flat with the readers.
10. His bathetic speech tried too hard to tug at heartstrings, but it felt forced.
11. The bathetic ending of the novel disappointed those expecting a profound conclusion.
12. The bathetic commercials relied on sentimental music and predictable plots.
13. Her bathetic attempt at flattery was transparent and unconvincing.
14. The bathetic romance novel followed a formulaic plot.
15. The bathetic dialogue in the play made the characters seem insincere.
16. The bathetic song lyrics were criticized for their lack of originality.
17. The bathetic greeting card messages felt generic and impersonal.
18. His bathetic gestures of affection were met with indifference.
19. The bathetic movie soundtrack overused sentimental melodies.
20. The bathetic nature of their relationship made it difficult to take seriously.
21. The bathetic nature of the speech undermined its intended impact.
22. The bathetic storytelling style left the audience wanting more depth.
23. The bathetic attempt at a surprise party was spoiled by poor planning.
24. The bathetic plot twists in the novel were predictable and clichéd.
25. The bathetic sentimentality of the poem failed to move the reader.


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