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Examples of 'battery' in a Sentence

1. The forward observer called for fire support from the nearby battery to neutralize the enemy's machine gun nests.
2. The battery's sustained barrage shook the ground, creating chaos among the opposing forces.
3. The resupply convoy delivered fresh ammunition to the battery to ensure continuous fire support.
4. The enemy attempted to silence our battery by launching a counter-battery attack.
5. The battery's accurate long-range shots proved instrumental in supporting our troops' advance.
6. The battery of cannons was positioned on the hill.
7. The artillery battery fired in precise unison.
8. The military deployed a powerful battery of weapons.
9. The enemy's battery launched a barrage of shells.
10. The coastal defenses included a formidable battery.
11. The battery of howitzers bombarded the enemy.
12. The cannon battery defended the fortification.
13. The mobile artillery battery moved swiftly.
14. The warships carried a lethal battery of guns.
15. The battery's firepower was unmatched.
16. The battery of mortars provided indirect fire support.
17. The artillery battery shelled the advancing troops.
18. The battery commander ordered the cannons to fire.
19. The battery's strategic location controlled the battlefield.
20. The tank battalion included a self-propelled battery.
21. The heavy artillery battery caused massive destruction.
22. The field battery covered the infantry's advance.
23. The battery's firepower intimidated the enemy.
24. The coastal battery protected the harbor from invaders.
25. The battery's accuracy was critical in battle.

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