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Examples of 'bawdy' in a Sentence

1. He entertained the crowd with his bawdy and irreverent stand-up.
2. The bawdy comedy show was a hit among the college crowd.
3. Their bawdy tales from the weekend adventure kept everyone engaged.
4. The play's bawdy dialogue was a nod to Shakespearean humor.
5. They regaled each other with bawdy stories from their travels.
6. The bawdy innuendos in the movie provided comic relief.
7. The comedian's bawdy performance pushed societal boundaries.
8. The bawdy comedy night was a perfect escape from routine.
9. His bawdy sense of humor made him the life of the party.
10. The bawdy jokes at the bachelor party left everyone in stitches.
11. Their bawdy humor was an acquired taste, but they relished it.
12. The show's bawdy humor was a hit with the adult audience.
13. The bawdy one-liners had the crowd roaring with laughter.
14. Her bawdy anecdotes about dating were both hilarious and relatable.
15. The bawdy humor in their skits was a staple of their act.
16. The film's bawdy scenes were a major talking point among viewers.
17. Their bawdy exchange of jokes lightened the tense atmosphere.
18. The bawdy stand-up comedian always drew a packed house.
19. The bawdy tales shared around the campfire kept everyone entertained.


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