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Examples of 'bearing' in a Sentence

1. Despite being nervous, her bearing gave off an air of professionalism during the job interview.
2. His arrogant bearing often rubbed people the wrong way.
3. The athlete's bearing conveyed a fierce determination to win.
4. Her relaxed and carefree bearing made her easy to approach and talk to.
5. The speaker's bearing was so captivating that the audience hung on every word she said.
6. Her confident bearing in the boardroom commanded respect.
7. His disheveled bearing hinted at a long night's work.
8. The soldier's stern bearing reflected years of discipline.
9. The professor's stoic bearing never wavered during lectures.
10. She exuded elegance with her graceful bearing.
11. His relaxed bearing made everyone feel at ease.
12. The leader's charismatic bearing inspired the team.
13. His somber bearing told a story of loss.
14. The actor's charismatic bearing captivated the audience.
15. Her poised bearing showed she was unfazed by criticism.
16. His confident bearing masked inner insecurities.
17. The politician's confident bearing won over voters.
18. The athlete's determined bearing led to victory.
19. Her humble bearing endeared her to colleagues.
20. The CEO's authoritative bearing set the corporate tone.
21. His cheerful bearing uplifted those around him.
22. The detective's keen bearing solved the mystery.
23. Her mysterious bearing intrigued everyone she met.
24. The teacher's patient bearing helped struggling students.
25. His intimidating bearing belied a kind heart.
26. The artist's creative bearing sparked innovation.
27. Her resilient bearing faced adversity head-on.
28. The explorer's adventurous bearing knew no bounds.
29. His carefree bearing masked deep worries.
30. The nurse's compassionate bearing comforted patients.


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