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Examples of 'beautify' in a Sentence

1. The architect proposed a plan to beautify the city center by designing modern buildings and green spaces.
2. She volunteered her time to help beautify the neighborhood by participating in a community cleanup project.
3. The salon offered various services to beautify their clients, including hairstyling, manicures, and facials.
4. The homeowner invested in renovating the kitchen to beautify the space and increase its value.
5. The art class taught students various techniques to beautify their artwork, such as shading and blending colors.
6. They decided to beautify their garden with colorful flowers.
7. A fresh coat of paint can beautify any room instantly.
8. The artist's mural will beautify this urban space.
9. Community volunteers aim to beautify the park this weekend.
10. She used decorative elements to beautify the wedding venue.
11. Landscapers were hired to beautify the front yard.
12. The renovation project will beautify the historic building.
13. Planting trees can beautify the neighborhood.
14. The street art festival seeks to beautify the cityscape.
15. Adding artwork can beautify a bland office space.
16. We need to beautify the facade of the old house.
17. Landscaping will beautify the school's courtyard.
18. The interior designer plans to beautify the living room.
19. They organized a cleanup to beautify the beach.
20. New lighting fixtures will beautify the dining area.
21. The city's goal is to beautify downtown with greenery.
22. Landscaping rocks can beautify your garden.
23. Volunteers aim to beautify the neglected park.
24. A colorful mural can beautify a dull alleyway.
25. The art installation will beautify the public square.

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