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Examples of 'beckon' in a Sentence

1. With a flick of her wrist, she would beckon the waiter to bring another round of drinks.
2. The allure of the open road never ceased to beckon him, fueling his insatiable wanderlust.
3. As the music started, the rhythm seemed to beckon everyone onto the dance floor.
4. At every twist and turn, the winding trail seemed to beckon us deeper into the wilderness.
5. From across the room, her smile seemed to beckon him to come and join the lively discussion.
6. The shimmering surface of the lake would beckon swimmers to dive into its refreshing depths.
7. As he walked past the bookstore, the titles on display seemed to beckon him inside.
8. The serenity of the quiet garden never failed to beckon her whenever she needed peace.
9. With the moonlight as a backdrop, the stage seemed to beckon the performers to give their best.
10. The scent of the sea seemed to beckon him every summer, urging him to return to the coast.
11. Through the mist, the outline of an ancient castle seemed to beckon us to explore its secrets.
12. With a wave of her hand, she would beckon the children to gather around for story time.
13. From the corner of his eye, the glow of the campfire seemed to beckon him toward warmth.
14. As the curtain lifted, the applause from the audience seemed to beckon the actors to the stage.
15. Whenever she wore that dress, it seemed to beckon attention and admiration from everyone.
16. With a nod, she would beckon her teammates to pass the ball, signaling an opportunity to score.
17. The sight of the majestic mountains in the distance continued to beckon him toward his goal.
18. At twilight, the soft glow of the street lamps seemed to beckon wanderers back home.
19. As the clock struck midnight, the allure of sleep began to beckon her to her cozy bed.
20. When she raised her hand, it would beckon the audience to settle down and pay attention.
21. The promise of untold riches seemed to beckon them into the labyrinthine depths of the cave.
22. During their games, he would beckon his dog by whistling, signaling it was time to return.
23. The smell of freshly brewed coffee would beckon him from his room each and every morning.
24. From the dock, the sight of the open water seemed to beckon him toward new adventures.


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