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Examples of 'becoming' in a Sentence

1. Emily's hard work and dedication made her a becoming candidate for the promotion.
2. The cozy cottage nestled amidst the blooming flowers had a becoming charm.
3. James' humility and kindness were becoming traits that endeared him to others.
4. The tailored suit flattered his figure, giving him a becoming silhouette.
5. The graceful movements of the ballet dancer were becoming of her talent and years of training.
6. Her becoming attire was perfect for the elegant event.
7. The vintage decor was a becoming choice for the cottage.
8. His becoming humility won the hearts of many.
9. The soft, becoming lighting set a romantic mood.
10. A becoming smile graced her face as she accepted the award.
11. The modest dress was becoming of her conservative style.
12. The old bookshop had a becoming charm about it.
13. Her becoming confidence made her a great leader.
14. The understated elegance of the design was becoming.
15. The music selection was becoming for the formal gathering.
16. His becoming manners impressed everyone at the party.
17. The evening gown was becoming, accentuating her figure.
18. A becoming color palette transformed the room.
19. His becoming words offered comfort in a difficult time.
20. The cozy fireplace created a becoming ambiance.
21. Her becoming grace on the dance floor was enchanting.
22. The classic car was becoming in its retro style.
23. The simple bouquet of flowers was becoming in its beauty.
24. The respectful silence was becoming at the memorial.
25. The becoming hairstyle framed her face beautifully.


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