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Examples of 'bedazzle' in a Sentence

1. The crystal chandeliers in the ballroom bedazzle guests at the gala.
2. The gold and jewels in the treasure chest bedazzle all who gaze upon it.
3. The intricate sand sculptures at the beach bedazzle passersby.
4. The dancers' elaborate costumes bedazzle the audience in the theater.
5. The vivid colors and incredible detail of the mural bedazzle anyone who stops to look.
6. The dazzling lights and sounds of the arcade bedazzle children who visit.
7. The ice sculptures at the winter festival bedazzle spectators with their sparkling beauty.
8. The night parade with its illuminated floats never fails to bedazzle the audience.
9. The skills and tricks of street performers often bedazzle tourists.
10. The colorful flower garden is sure to bedazzle anyone who walks through it.
11. The northern lights bedazzle those who are fortunate enough to witness them.
12. The cascading fountains with their synchronized light shows bedazzle visitors at the park.
13. The delicate, intricate patterns on the stained glass windows bedazzle all who enter the cathedral.
14. The fireworks display never fails to bedazzle the crowd with its brilliance.
15. Her radiant smile never fails to bedazzle those around her.
16. The jeweler's craftsmanship never ceased to bedazzle his clients.
17. The intricate dance routine was designed to bedazzle the audience.
18. The city lights at night bedazzle tourists visiting for the first time.
19. His magic tricks never failed to bedazzle the children at the party.
20. The stunning sunset over the ocean never ceased to bedazzle him.
21. The couture fashion show aimed to bedazzle fashion enthusiasts.
22. The singer's powerful vocals never failed to bedazzle the audience.
23. The art installation in the park was meant to bedazzle passersby.
24. The newly renovated mansion would surely bedazzle any potential buyers.


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