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Examples of 'beehive' in a Sentence


1. The beekeeper harvested a jar of fresh honey from the beehive.
2. The beehive was carefully constructed to provide optimal living conditions for the bees.
3. The beekeeper used smoke to calm the bees before opening the beehive.
4. The beehive was a bustling hub of activity as the bees worked diligently.
5. The beehive was a source of fascination and wonder for those interested in beekeeping.
6. The beehive in the garden buzzed with activity.
7. Beekeepers collect honey from the beehives.
8. The beehive's intricate design fascinated me.
9. Bees swarmed around the wooden beehive.
10. She wore a protective suit to tend to the beehives.
11. The beehive produced delicious, golden honey.
12. The apiarist inspected each beehive with care.
13. The wildflowers attracted bees to the beehive.
14. A beehive is a complex society of worker bees.
15. The beehive's hexagonal cells store honey.
16. Bees are crucial pollinators for crops near a beehive.
17. The beehive's entrance was abuzz with activity.
18. Bees returned to the beehive with nectar.
19. The beehive was a marvel of nature's engineering.
20. The beehive's population grew rapidly in spring.
21. The beehive was carefully placed in the orchard.
22. Honey from the beehive tasted incredibly sweet.
23. Bees swarmed around the blooming beehive.
24. Beekeepers maintain beehives with dedication.
25. A new queen bee emerged in the beehive colony.

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