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Examples of 'befitting' in a Sentence


1. The somber music was befitting for the occasion.
2. The award was a befitting recognition of his talent.
3. Her warm smile was befitting of a gracious host.
4. The royal palace was befitting of a king's residence.
5. The solemn ceremony was befitting of the occasion.
6. The luxurious hotel room was befitting for a honeymoon.
7. The rich aroma of the meal was befitting of a top chef.
8. The regal crown was befitting of a queen.
9. The lively atmosphere was befitting for a celebration.
10. His strong work ethic was befitting of a dedicated employee.
11. The tranquil garden was befitting for meditation.
12. The heartfelt message was befitting of the occasion.
13. The vibrant colors were befitting for a festive occasion.
14. The elaborate cake was befitting for a grand anniversary.
15. The elegant dress was befitting for the black-tie event.
16. The classic car was a befitting tribute to the golden age of automobiles.
17. The formal language was befitting of a diplomatic event.
18. The impressive trophy was a befitting reward for the champion athlete.
19. The stately mansion was a befitting residence for the wealthy family.
20. The grand ceremony was befitting of a historical moment.
21. The beautiful flowers were a befitting addition to the wedding decor.
22. The sophisticated attire was befitting for a business meeting.
23. The impressive presentation was a befitting showcase of the company's achievements.
24. The grand parade was a befitting celebration of the nation's independence.
25. The regal banquet was a befitting event for the visiting dignitaries.


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