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Examples of 'begrudge' in a Sentence

1. She was generous and didn’t begrudge sharing her knowledge with anyone interested.
2. People often begrudge paying taxes, but they are necessary for public services.
3. I hope you don’t begrudge me the favor I am about to ask.
4. It's common to begrudge the effort required for chores, but they are part of living independently.
5. Don’t begrudge the praise she receives; she has made significant contributions to the project.
6. She begrudged him for not inviting her to the party.
7. She found it hard not to begrudge her friend's lavish lifestyle.
8. I couldn't help but begrudge him the attention he received.
9. Begrudging someone their success only poisons your own happiness.
10. It's essential not to begrudge others the fruits of their labor.
11. She didn't want to begrudge him the opportunities he seized.
12. Begrudging others their accomplishments is a futile exercise.
13. They tried not to begrudge their sibling's achievements.
14. We should celebrate each other's victories, not begrudge them.
15. Begrudging her the recognition she deserved would be unjust.
16. I don't want to begrudge them their moment in the spotlight.
17. Begrudging someone's happiness can lead to resentment.
18. It's counterproductive to begrudge others their well-earned rewards.
19. She couldn't help but begrudge his success in the competition.
20. I don't begrudge their good fortune; they worked hard for it.
21. Begrudging others their accomplishments can eat away at your own joy.
22. He tried not to begrudge his neighbor's financial prosperity.
23. She didn't want to begrudge her friend's newfound love.
24. Begrudging others their achievements only sows negativity.
25. We should aim to uplift each other, not begrudge one another's gains.
26. Begrudging their success won't make you any happier.


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