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Examples of 'behemoth' in a Sentence


1. Environmentalists rallied to protect the pristine wilderness from the encroaching mining behemoth.
2. In the world of professional wrestling, he was known as the wrestling behemoth, towering over his opponents.
3. The CEO of the company was determined to transform the struggling startup into a corporate behemoth.
4. As the storm clouds gathered, the behemoth cargo ship prepared to navigate through rough seas.
5. The scientific community was abuzz with excitement over the discovery of a fossilized prehistoric behemoth.
6. The oil industry faced scrutiny as the environmental impact of the drilling behemoths came to light.
7. The movie depicted a futuristic world where massive behemoth robots battled for dominance.
8. With its intricate carvings and towering spires, the cathedral stood as an architectural behemoth.
9. The technology conference drew attendees from all over the world, showcasing the latest innovations from industry behemoths.
10. The financial report revealed staggering profits for the media conglomerate, solidifying its status as an entertainment behemoth.
11. Conservationists worked tirelessly to protect the natural habitat of the forest-dwelling behemoth.
12. The space agency launched a mission to study a distant gas giant and its mysterious behemoth moons.
13. The online marketplace had grown from a small startup to an e-commerce behemoth in just a few years.
14. Explorers uncovered the remains of an ancient armored behemoth, shedding light on Earth's prehistoric past.


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