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Examples of 'belated' in a Sentence


1. He finally made a belated attempt to reconcile with his estranged brother.
2. The belated arrival of the package caused some inconvenience for the recipient.
3. Her belated understanding of the instructions caused delays in the project.
4. The belated response to the crisis exacerbated the situation.
5. The belated start of the race due to technical difficulties frustrated the athletes.
6. Their belated decision to invest in the stock market paid off handsomely.
7. The belated sunset in the northern hemisphere during summer allows for extended outdoor activities.
8. The company's belated recognition of its environmental responsibilities led to sustainability initiatives.
9. A belated resolution to exercise more frequently resulted in improved health.
10. Her belated arrival at the party caused her to miss the surprise cake-cutting ceremony.
11. The belated acceptance of her ideas by the team highlighted her innovative thinking.
12. His belated efforts to repair the relationship were met with skepticism.
13. The belated decision to renovate the old building breathed new life into the neighborhood.
14. Her belated birthday card arrived a week after the celebration.
15. The belated apology only deepened the rift between them.
16. We received the belated news of their engagement with joy.
17. His belated realization of the mistake left him feeling regretful.
18. The belated recognition of her talent was long overdue.
19. A belated response to the urgent email caused frustration.
20. The belated spring thaw delayed the planting of crops.
21. The belated arrival of the guests disrupted the dinner plans.
22. The belated decision to cancel the event disappointed many.
23. His belated attempt to make amends fell on deaf ears.
24. The belated arrival of the rescue team raised hope for the stranded hikers.

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