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Examples of 'belie' in a Sentence

1. Her silence does belie the torrent of thoughts swirling in her mind.
2. The simplicity of the puzzle does belie its underlying complexity.
3. The child's innocent appearance does belie a mischievous streak.
4. The rich, indulgent taste of the cake does belie its low calorie count.
5. The empty streets in the photographs belie the normally bustling nature of the city.
6. His nonchalant attitude about money does belie his frugality.
7. The soft-spoken words of the speaker belie his radical ideas.
8. The barren landscape does belie the wealth of minerals lying beneath the surface.
9. His humble home does belie his immense wealth.
10. The seemingly mundane data does belie the revolutionary findings of the research.
11. The lack of expression on the chess player’s face does belie the intense concentration and strategy he is employing.
12. The humble entrance of the restaurant does belie the exquisite cuisine that awaits inside.
13. The quiet exterior of the library does belie the treasure trove of knowledge it contains.
14. His calm demeanor belied the turmoil he felt inside.


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