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Examples of 'belittle' in a Sentence

1. We must not belittle the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet.
2. She refused to belittle his musical talent, knowing it meant a lot to him.
3. In the review, critics didn't belittle the director's efforts to create an authentic historical drama.
4. Even in their disagreement, they made sure not to belittle each other's opinions.
5. The coach advised his team not to belittle the opposing team's skills.
6. It's not in her nature to belittle anyone; she treats everyone with kindness and respect.
7. The speaker didn't belittle the audience's questions, answering each one with patience.
8. When I told her about my plans, she didn't belittle them but encouraged me instead.
9. It is unkind to belittle someone's ambitions because they seem unattainable to you.
10. He wouldn't belittle her interest in painting, as he understood the importance of having a hobby.
11. In their argument, he chose not to belittle her concerns, validating her feelings instead.
12. She knew better than to belittle her own achievements.
13. The older kids didn't belittle the younger ones' efforts in the game.
14. Even in jest, it's not okay to belittle someone's insecurities.


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