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Examples of 'belvedere' in a Sentence

1. The guide pointed out various landmarks visible from the belvedere's advantageous position.
2. The garden's centerpiece was an ornate belvedere, attracting visitors from far and wide.
3. The architect incorporated a modern belvedere into the design of the contemporary mansion.
4. She spent hours sketching the picturesque landscape from the belvedere's balcony.
5. The charming village was known for its hilltop belvedere, offering the best views of the valley.
6. We gathered on the belvedere to celebrate the New Year and watch the fireworks.
7. The historic palace's gardens were adorned with statues and a lovely belvedere.
8. The ancient castle featured a hidden belvedere, accessible only through a secret passage.
9. During the garden party, guests mingled on the belvedere, enjoying drinks and conversation.
10. The newlyweds exchanged vows at the romantic belvedere, surrounded by blooming roses.
11. The hiking trail led to a hidden belvedere, rewarding adventurers with an awe-inspiring vista.
12. The tour group marveled at the architect's ingenious use of the belvedere in the building's design.
13. Artists and writers often found inspiration in the serene atmosphere of the belvedere, producing masterful works.
14. The ancient castle featured a stunning belvedere overlooking the valley.
15. We climbed the hill to reach the charming belvedere with panoramic views.
16. The garden's centerpiece was a beautifully adorned belvedere.
17. The romantic couple exchanged vows in the quaint belvedere.
18. From the belvedere, you could see the entire city spread out below.
19. The park's picturesque belvedere was a popular spot for picnics.
20. The old estate boasted an elegant belvedere in its courtyard.
21. They gathered on the belvedere to watch the sunset together.
22. The mountain lodge had a cozy fireplace in its rustic belvedere.
23. The artist found inspiration in the tranquil setting of the belvedere.
24. Visitors flocked to the historic tower transformed into a belvedere.

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