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Examples of 'bemuse' in a Sentence

1. The labyrinthine structure of the city is sure to bemuse any new arrivals.
2. The complexities of quantum physics bemuse most non-scientists.
3. His cryptic remarks often bemuse listeners, leading to various interpretations.
4. Why does contemporary dance bemuse you so much?
5. Surrealist poetry is known to bemuse many readers with its dream-like imagery.
6. The unexpected plot twist in the novel is sure to bemuse its readers.
7. Could this enigmatic riddle bemuse the best of us?
8. The arcane language of the ancient texts will surely bemuse the uninitiated.
9. Her unconventional approach to teaching often does bemuse new students.
10. The intricacies of the stock market bemuse many who are new to investing.
11. The peculiar customs of this tribe may bemuse outsiders.
12. Does the paradox of time travel bemuse you as much as it does me?
13. The magnitude of the universe can truly bemuse anyone who ponders it.
14. The decision to introduce such a controversial policy did bemuse many in the political circle.


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