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Examples of 'benchmark' in a Sentence

1. To measure progress, we need a benchmark to compare against.
2. Meeting the project's deadline will be a benchmark of your team's efficiency.
3. The industry standard has become the benchmark for quality.
4. We use industry benchmarks to evaluate our company's performance.
5. The new software release will be the benchmark for our development team's success.
6. Your time trial result will serve as a benchmark for your athletic progress.
7. The benchmark for entry into this prestigious club is quite high.
8. To gauge your fitness level, we need to establish a benchmark.
9. The benchmark data revealed that we are lagging behind our competitors.
10. She used the previous year's performance as a benchmark to set new goals.
11. The benchmark for excellence in this field is constantly evolving.
12. We should aim to surpass the industry benchmark in terms of efficiency.
13. The benchmark for a successful marketing campaign is increased sales.
14. The benchmark for a healthy diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.
15. The benchmark for a competitive salary in this field is $70,000 per year.
16. The benchmark for success in this project is achieving a 95% completion rate.
17. The benchmark for leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others.


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