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Examples of 'beneficiary' in a Sentence

1. The scholarship program aims to provide financial aid to the beneficiary.
2. The elderly widow is the sole beneficiary of her husband's pension.
3. The university's library was the beneficiary of a generous donation.
4. She designated her favorite charity as the beneficiary of her will.
5. The nonprofit organization acts as the beneficiary of community support.
6. The insurance company paid out the policy's face value to the beneficiary.
7. The trust's beneficiary will receive a monthly stipend for life.
8. As the beneficiary of her father's trust, she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.
9. The designated beneficiary will inherit the family's ancestral home.
10. The nonprofit serves as the beneficiary of the annual charity gala.
11. The art museum was the beneficiary of a valuable art collection.
12. The orphanage is the beneficiary of a substantial endowment.
13. She was named as the beneficiary of her late aunt's savings account.
14. The university scholarship program benefits the chosen beneficiary.
15. The nonprofit organization's primary focus is on helping its beneficiary group.
16. The charity's main goal is to support the needs of its beneficiary community.
17. As the beneficiary of his mentor's wisdom, he achieved great success in his career.

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