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Examples of 'benevolence' in a Sentence

1. The philanthropic couple dedicated their lives to spreading benevolence and making a positive impact.
2. The corporation's corporate social responsibility initiatives reflected their commitment to benevolence.
3. The act of anonymous benevolence brought joy and gratitude to the recipient's heart.
4. The orphanage was built with the benevolence of a generous benefactor.
5. The world needs more acts of benevolence to create a compassionate and harmonious society.
6. Her benevolence touched the hearts of everyone she met.
7. The community admired his lifelong acts of benevolence.
8. Acts of benevolence can create a ripple of positivity.
9. The charity event celebrated the spirit of benevolence.
10. Benevolence is a trait that can unite people.
11. Her benevolence extended to animals, too.
12. He received an award for his outstanding benevolence.
13. The act of donating is a powerful form of benevolence.
14. Benevolence can make the world a better place.
15. The orphanage thrived thanks to the benevolence of donors.
16. Small acts of benevolence can brighten someone's day.
17. Benevolence often goes unrecognized but leaves a lasting impact.
18. His benevolence knew no bounds, even in difficult times.
19. The organization is dedicated to promoting benevolence.
20. Kindness and benevolence are essential virtues.
21. Acts of benevolence create a sense of community.
22. Teachers often display benevolence in nurturing students.
23. Her benevolence shone through her volunteer work.
24. Generosity and benevolence go hand in hand.
25. Benevolence can be a guiding principle in life.

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