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Examples of 'benevolent' in a Sentence

1. She was known for her benevolent spirit and always tried to help others.
2. The benevolent company donated a portion of its profits to charity.
3. The benevolent government implemented policies to help those in poverty.
4. She had a benevolent heart and always tried to make a positive difference in the world.
5. The benevolent teacher always went above and beyond to help her students.
6. He was a benevolent employer and always treated his employees with kindness and respect.
7. The benevolent church supported a number of charitable causes.
8. She was known for her benevolent nature and always tried to make others happy.
9. The benevolent non-profit organization provided services to those in need.
10. He was a benevolent leader and always looked out for the best interests of his team.
11. The benevolent woman always had a kind word and a helping hand for those in need.
12. Her parents were strict, but for entirely benevolent reasons.
13. The benevolent stranger offered to help the lost child find their way home.
14. Her benevolent actions in the community earned her a reputation for kindness.
15. The benevolent organization provided food and shelter to those in need.
16. The company's benevolent CEO donated a substantial portion of profits to charity.
17. The benevolent gesture of adopting a rescue dog warmed everyone's hearts.
18. Benevolent leaders strive to create inclusive and caring communities.
19. Teachers play a crucial role in nurturing the benevolent nature of students.
20. In times of crisis, the benevolent spirit of humanity shines through.
21. Their benevolent support lifted the spirits of struggling families.
22. The town's benevolent mayor initiated programs to help the homeless.
23. Benevolent acts of volunteerism make a significant difference in society.
24. The benevolent couple dedicated their lives to humanitarian causes.


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