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Examples of 'bereave' in a Sentence

1. Losing a pet can bereave a family of a loyal companion.
2. The financial crisis bereaved many of their life savings.
3. War can tragically bereave entire generations of their future.
4. Accidents can suddenly bereave us of our loved ones.
5. Divorce can emotionally bereave individuals of their hopes.
6. Addiction can slowly bereave a person of their health.
7. Betrayal can deeply bereave trust in relationships.
8. A failed business venture can bereave entrepreneurs of dreams.
9. Loneliness can silently bereave one's sense of belonging.
10. Discrimination can socially bereave individuals of opportunities.
11. Chronic illness can persistently bereave one of vitality.
12. Addiction can severely bereave a person's sense of control.
13. A natural disaster can instantly bereave a community of hope.
14. The loss of a cultural heritage can bereave a nation of its identity.
15. The tragic car accident did not only bereave her of her husband but also left her in a state of despair.
16. Many historical wars bereave countless innocent people of their lives.
17. The recent floods bereave the town of its rich history, as many historical buildings were destroyed.
18. When terminal illnesses strike, they can bereave individuals of time with their loved ones.
19. The long drought did bereave the farmers of a good harvest this year.
20. The orphanage takes care of children who were bereave of their parents at a young age.
21. The wildfire that swept through the forest did bereave countless animals of their habitats.
22. The harsh economic conditions bereave many families of their financial security.
23. The demolition of the old theater will bereave the city of a historical landmark.
24. The sudden bankruptcy of the company did bereave many employees of their livelihoods.
25. Theft often bereaves people of their sense of security and peace in their homes.
26. The unfair policies of the government bereave the citizens of their basic rights.
27. The loss of traditional customs bereave the community of its cultural identity.
28. The extinction of certain animal species bereave the ecosystem of its diversity.
29. The closing of the local library will bereave the community of an important educational resource.


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