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Examples of 'bereft' in a Sentence

1. The barren landscape was bereft of vegetation due to the drought.
2. The empty playground seemed bereft without the laughter of children.
3. The once bustling street was now bereft of activity and vibrancy.
4. She stood there, bereft of words, unable to express her grief.
5. She felt bereft when her loved one passed away.
6. He was bereft of ideas on how to fix the problem.
7. The town was bereft of life after the disaster struck.
8. She felt bereft of hope after receiving the bad news.
9. He was bereft of all emotion after the shock.
10. The children were bereft of their parents' love.
11. She was bereft of energy after a long day of work.
12. He was bereft of his possessions after the robbery.
13. The city was bereft of power after the storm.
14. She was bereft of her sense of security after the attack.
15. He was bereft of his ability to speak after the accident.
16. The country was bereft of resources after the war.
17. It was a predictable movie and completely bereft of originality.
18. It was a monotonous presentation and totally bereft of inspiration.
19. Her office was stark and totally bereft of colour.
20. He was in utter disbelief and entirely bereft of words.
21. The instant-meal was completely bereft of nutrition and taste.
22. The remote outpost seemed to be utterly bereft of human life.

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