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Examples of 'beset' in a Sentence

1. The hiker was beset by a swarm of mosquitoes, causing her to seek shelter.
2. The community was beset by a water shortage, leading to rationing.
3. The family was beset by tragedy, losing several members in a car accident.
4. The company was beset by a public relations crisis, damaging its reputation.
5. The politician was beset by scandal, causing her to lose support among voters.
6. He was beset by financial troubles for years, struggling to make ends meet.
7. The project was beset with unexpected challenges, causing delays and frustration.
8. Her life seemed to be beset by misfortune, with one setback after another.
9. The country is beset by political turmoil, leading to protests and unrest.
10. The team was beset by injuries this season, impacting their performance.
11. The city was beset with traffic congestion, making daily commutes a nightmare.
12. They were beset by doubts about their decision, second-guessing themselves.
13. The region is beset by natural disasters, from hurricanes to earthquakes.
14. The company was beset by declining sales, forcing layoffs and cost-cutting measures.
15. The town is beset by a rising crime rate, making residents anxious.
16. The family was beset by health issues, leading to frequent hospital visits.
17. The company is beset with internal conflicts, hindering productivity.
18. The company's reputation was beset by scandals, damaging its image.
19. She felt beset by stress and anxiety, struggling to find peace.
20. The expedition was beset by bad weather, making progress slow and dangerous.
21. Their relationship was beset by constant arguments, straining their bond.
22. The organization is beset by financial difficulties, threatening its survival.
23. The community is beset by poverty and unemployment, leading to social issues.
24. The company was beset with production delays, affecting delivery schedules.
25. The project is beset by delays and setbacks, making completion uncertain.


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