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Examples of 'besiege' in a Sentence

1. Debt collectors besiege the debtor, demanding repayment.
2. Tourists besiege the popular tourist attraction, creating long queues.
3. Phone calls from telemarketers besiege the homeowner throughout the day.
4. Mosquitoes besiege the campsite, leaving everyone covered in bites.
5. Demonstrators besiege the corporate headquarters, demanding justice for workers.
6. Refugees besiege the border, seeking safety and shelter.
7. Angry customers besiege the customer service hotline, complaining about the faulty product.
8. Severe weather conditions besiege the coastal town, causing widespread damage.
9. Paparazzi besiege the red carpet event, capturing photos of celebrities.
10. Questions from reporters besiege the celebrity during the press conference.
11. Waves of tourists besiege the popular beach resort during the summer.
12. Protests besiege the city streets, calling for political change.
13. Critics besiege the new movie release, offering mixed reviews.
14. Complaints from residents besiege the city council, addressing the ongoing infrastructure issues.

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