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Examples of 'betoken' in a Sentence

1. The distant thunder betokened the approach of a thunderstorm.
2. The mysterious runes on the stone tablet betokened a cryptic message.
3. The withered leaves on the tree betokened the arrival of autumn.
4. The hushed whispers in the courtroom betokened a tense atmosphere.
5. The old lighthouse on the cliff betokened safety for sailors at sea.The trumpet sounds betoken the beginning of the ceremony.
6. The smiles on their faces betoken the joy in their hearts.
7. The distant rumbling betoken a storm approaching.
8. The loud cheers betoken the excitement of the crowd.
9. The smell of flowers in the air betoken the onset of spring.
10. The chiming bells betoken the start of the holiday season.
11. The blaring sirens betoken a state of emergency in the city.
12. The whistling of the wind betoken a change in weather.
13. The gathering clouds betoken rain on the horizon.
14. The flags flying at half-mast betoken mourning for the fallen.
15. The swallows returning betoken the end of winter.
16. The giggles and whispers betoken a secret shared among friends.
17. The scattered tools betoken a busy day at the workshop.
18. The raised eyebrows betoken her surprise at the unexpected news.
19. The red sky in the morning betoken a sailor’s warning.
20. The clinking glasses betoken a toast to the happy couple.
21. The hooting owls betoken the mystery of the night.
22. The flapping banners betoken a strong wind blowing.
23. The aroma of freshly baked bread betoken a warm welcome to the guests.


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