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Examples of 'betroth' in a Sentence

1. The ancient tradition compelled the royal family to betroth the princess to the knight who won the tournament.
2. The family had a huge celebration to announce they were going to betroth their eldest son to a local girl.
3. As part of the peace treaty, the emperor agreed to betroth his daughter to the son of his former enemy.
4. He was saddened when he learned that his parents planned to betroth him while he was still in love with someone else.
5. The monarch decided to betroth his heir to a noblewoman from another kingdom to forge an alliance.
6. Despite her protestations, her family decided to betroth her to the wealthy businessman.
7. The elders of the village decided to betroth the young maiden to the brave warrior as a reward for his valor.
8. His parents decided to betroth him to their friend's daughter, following a longstanding tradition in their community.
9. The queen regent chose to betroth her son to the princess of a powerful neighboring kingdom for political advantage.
10. Against his will, his family decided to betroth him to the daughter of the local lord.
11. The village chief announced his decision to betroth his daughter to the most skilled hunter in the tribe.
12. Her parents decided to betroth her to the young scholar, appreciating his intelligence and humility.
13. To cement the alliance, the two royal families agreed to betroth their children.
14. In a surprising move, the head of the family decided to betroth his son to a commoner's daughter.

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