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Examples of 'bicker' in a Sentence

1. The team members often bicker about the correct way to approach the project.
2. The politicians continued to bicker about the details of the proposed policy.
3. When they start to bicker about household chores, I always leave the room.
4. It was surprising to see the usually calm siblings bicker over the trivial matter.
5. When the couple began to bicker about holiday destinations, their friends decided to intervene.
6. In a high-stress environment, colleagues may bicker over insignificant matters.
7. We don't need to bicker over the choice of the movie; let's decide by vote.
8. In their excitement, the children started to bicker about who would get the first slice of cake.
9. They began to bicker about who was to blame for the error in the report.
10. I dislike it when we bicker about who should pay the bill.
11. My roommates often bicker about the temperature setting on the thermostat.
12. When the band members started to bicker about the setlist, their manager had to step in.
13. It's unhealthy to bicker about past mistakes; we should focus on the present.
14. I suggest we avoid a lengthy debate and not bicker about the color scheme for the website.

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