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Examples of 'biddable' in a Sentence

1. A biddable employee can enhance workplace productivity.
2. The biddable robot followed its programming with precision.
3. Her biddable personality made her an ideal roommate.
4. The biddable horse was well-suited for riding lessons.
5. The biddable character in the story was easily influenced.
6. Biddable individuals tend to be cooperative and easygoing.
7. The biddable worker was always ready to assist.
8. A biddable attitude can lead to success in various fields.
9. The biddable nature of the group facilitated decision-making.
10. The dog's biddable temperament endeared it to the family.
11. The manager valued biddable employees who embraced change.
12. A biddable approach can foster positive relationships.
13. The biddable volunteer made organizing events a joy.
14. Biddable individuals often excel in team environments.
15. The biddable nature of the software made it user-friendly.
16. Her biddable demeanor made her a great travel companion.
17. A biddable attitude can lead to personal growth.
18. The biddable student was a pleasure to teach.
19. Biddable qualities are often appreciated in professional settings.


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