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Examples of 'binge' in a Sentence

1. He couldn't resist the temptation and went on a shopping binge during the holiday sales.
2. The children were allowed to binge on candy during Halloween night.
3. She decided to take a break from her diet and indulge in a weekend binge of desserts.
4. The rainy weekend provided the perfect opportunity to binge on her favorite Netflix shows.
5. He realized he needed to cut back on his alcohol consumption after a weekend of binge-drinking.
6. The bookworm couldn't resist the temptation to binge on the new series of fantasy novels.
7. The group of friends decided to have a video game binge session, playing for hours on end.
8. They would often binge-listen to podcasts during long road trips.
9. After a strict diet, she allowed herself to have a cheat day and indulge in a food binge.
10. He decided to take a day off from work and have a gaming binge session.
11. The comedian's stand-up specials on Netflix were perfect for a comedy binge.
12. They planned to binge on the latest season of their favorite reality TV show.
13. The rainy weather outside made it the ideal time to stay indoors and binge on their favorite shows.
14. They set aside a weekend to binge on all the classic movies they had missed.

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