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Examples of 'biology' in a Sentence

1. Marine biology focuses on the study of organisms and ecosystems in the ocean.
2. Understanding biology is essential for comprehending the complexities of the natural world.
3. The biology quiz covered topics such as cellular respiration and photosynthesis.
4. The biology fieldwork involved collecting samples and studying biodiversity in the forest.
5. Conservation biology aims to protect ecosystems.
6. Biology encompasses the study of life's diversity.
7. The biology field trip explored local wildlife.
8. Genetics is a fascinating branch of biology.
9. Cell biology focuses on microscopic structures.
10. Human biology studies the human body.
11. Biology textbooks explain complex concepts.
12. Environmental biology tackles ecological issues.
13. Evolutionary biology examines species' origins.
14. Marine biology explores ocean ecosystems.
15. Microbiology studies microorganisms like bacteria.
16. Molecular biology deciphers genetic codes.
17. My interest in biology grew through labs.
18. The biology professor explained ecology.
19. Botany deals with plant biology and botanists.
20. Virology investigates viral biology and diseases.
21. Evolution is a cornerstone of biology.
22. Biology research advances medical knowledge.
23. Zoology covers animal biology and behavior.

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