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Examples of 'bipartisan' in a Sentence

1. The bill received bipartisan endorsement in Congress.
2. Bipartisan discussions are ongoing for tax reform.
3. The bipartisan compromise benefits the economy.
4. Bipartisan unity is crucial in times of crisis.
5. Finding common ground is key to bipartisan success.
6. Bipartisan negotiations aim to reduce income inequality.
7. The bipartisan alliance strengthens national security.
8. Infrastructure investment enjoys bipartisan support.
9. Bipartisan initiatives promote social justice reforms.
10. Bipartisan collaboration is vital for pandemic response.
11. The bipartisan deal addresses immigration reform.
12. Bipartisan efforts are underway to improve education.
13. A bipartisan approach fosters public trust in government.
14. The bill was passed with bipartisan support.
15. He took a bipartisan approach to solving the problem.
16. The commission was established with a bipartisan mandate.
17. He was a respected leader known for his bipartisan approach.
18. The bipartisan commission was tasked with finding a solution to the crisis.
19. The reform legistlation received bipartisan support.
20. The bipartisan bill aimed to address the problem of healthcare reform.
21. The bipartisan coalition was able to pass the legislation.
22. The bipartisan effort was instrumental in passing the bill.
23. The bipartisan committee was established to investigate the issue.
24. The bipartisan support for the bill was crucial for its passage.
25. The bipartisan agreement was seen as a major step forward for the country.

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