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Examples of 'bisect' in a Sentence

1. The proposed railway line is going to bisect the city, causing potential disruption to many neighborhoods.
2. The explorer plans to bisect the continent on his ambitious journey.
3. The quick, straight path chosen by the hiker started to bisect the dense forest.
4. The long table at the feast will bisect the grand hall, accommodating all the guests.
5. The river starts to bisect the village, providing a natural boundary between the two sides.
6. The chef decided to bisect the large steak to ensure it was cooked evenly.
7. A golden stripe will bisect the blue flag, representing the country's major river.
8. The proposed road expansion project will bisect several private properties, causing concern among the homeowners.
9. The massive glacier starts to bisect the stark landscape, a striking feature in the vast emptiness.
10. The sharp blade of the sword will bisect the apple with ease.
11. A new pipeline is set to bisect the desert, providing a direct route for the oil.
12. The lightning seemed to bisect the night sky, illuminating the darkness for a fleeting moment.
13. The designer decided to bisect the living room with a bookshelf, creating two distinct areas.
14. The mathematician showed how to bisect the angle with precision.
15. Using a ruler, he carefully bisected the line into equal segments.
16. The laser cutter can bisect materials with remarkable accuracy.
17. To find the midpoint, you must bisect the line segment evenly.
18. The surgeon needed to bisect the tumor to remove it effectively.
19. The architect's plan was to bisect the building into two wings.
20. The teacher demonstrated how to bisect a circle into halves.
21. A diagonal line can bisect a square into two congruent triangles.
22. The chef skillfully used a knife to bisect the apple into halves.
23. The fault line could potentially bisect the city in a major earthquake.
24. She used a protractor to bisect the angle into two equal parts.

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